Tuesday, February 7, 2012

David Duchovny Has a Hair Problem

David Duchovny has a hair problem.  He is on Rachael Ray and kuddos to her for plugging Californication,  One of my favorite shows. As Ray said it has some of the best writing on TV.  In it Duchovny portrays a novelist.  He wears his hair disheveled and is darling, but his forehead is high so that when he wears his hair combed back, he loses much of his appeal and looks corporate.  Still he is a treat to listen to. He said the show tends to be misunderstood as it is not only about sex, but,in fact,  the focus is his character Hank Moody's tortured relationship with his estranged wife.  I rewatch the show regularly for the writing and am fascinated by the courage of its writers and cast.  Bring on a female Hank Moody-a woman who has his sexual appeal and struggles with a serious relationship only to be sidetracked by a series of  hot manwhores --to quote Californication.

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