Thursday, March 15, 2012

Movie Review: Jeff Who Lives at Home and in Your Heart

This is a sweet, offbeat comedy with a gentle spirit. Well worth seeing. It's wacky, funny, and a delight and has an unexpected arc that makes the story come full circle. Jason Segal (Jeff) drives the film and keeps the laughs coming while Ed Helms (Pat) is a slow jog behind him. Susan Sarandon (Sharon) rounds out the threesome with one of her surefire performances. She is wonderfully understated as a frustrated mother of two wayward young adults. Men. They are odd and the jokes are strange and unique. This is first of its kind of humor. The writing is around the bend. Jay and Mark Duplass wrote and directed this tribute to a dysfunctional family. Could this be autobiographical?

There are moments when Jeff Who Lives At Home has lulls, but sure enough, just as you feel there is no future, one of these three characters does something peculiar to keep you hooked. Filmed in Louisiana, the photography is excellent while the on-target editing helps keep the laughs coming. When one joke seems to be fading, a cut is made in the action to keep you chuckling. This is about two strange brothers who relate in their bizarre behavior. Susan has to be their caretaker and is tired of doing this. She longs for another way of life and this is offered to her in a surprising moment. Judy Greer (Linda) as Pat's wayward wife and Rae Dawn Chong (Carol) as a friend of Susan's make memorable appearances,

But it is Jeff who rules the humor roost. He is subtle and takes 24 hours to repair a broken door in his basement and this is what the film is about. Much happens in his efforts to do this. He is obsessed with finding his sign as in the movie, Signs, and following all indications of his journey towards his destiny, whatever that may be. But sure enough it is his destiny that finally makes this daffy film come full circle. You will leave the theatre wondering, "What have I seen?" as you scratch your head while wearing a smile because you are happy that you allowed this wacky family into your life.

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