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Carole Mallory


Review: Adam Sandler's That's My Boy and That's the Problem

Posted: 05/09/2005 3:00 am

I am a devoted fan of Adam Sandler, but not of his movies. How can he be so personable, affable and witty on a talk show, and in stand up and yet so witless in his own movies. That's my Boy is no exception. His obsession with misogyny runs through this film as well as others, but at least instead of laughing at a white-haired geriatric grandma type, he makes an attempt to have us laugh with her. To his credit, Sandler has cast a Grandma Dolores (Peggy Stewart) as a charming beauty of a grey lady who emotionally supports Donny (Sandler) when others dump on him. 
One morning Grandma Dolores walks into Donny's bedroom and sees her photo which is actually two photos in one frame, one of a young Dolores and one of Dolores today. Next to this large framed photo and on top of it are used Kleenex tissues covered in a byproduct of a heavy night of Donny's fantasizing about grandma.
"Donny's really under the weather. Maybe it's better if he doesn't masturbate so much," Grandma says as she stares at the mounds of Kleenex then picks them up careful not to touch the remnants of Donny's night of pleasuring himself. So much for Sandler's wit and screenwriter, David Caspe's.
The film is about a young Donny age 13 who impregnates one of his teachers, They have a boy, Todd (Adam Samberg). Samburg and Sandler are SNL alumni and one would think the scenes between them would fly, but Samburg's talents are thwarted as he plays the straight man while all the laughs, the few there are, go to Sandler. The court orders Donny sole custody of Todd and raises him in a manner that damages Todd's growth. Alas he continually carries a clean pair of jockey shorts in one of his pockets. Please. This does not work and leads to endless jokes about defecating. 
Miss McGarricale is sent to jail for thirty years. The older Miss Mc Garricale is skillfully and seductively by a beautiful Susan Sarandon,
Donny becomes a celebrity and sells his story for six figures, blows the money and now owes the IRS $43, ooo. The plot jumps to many years later when Todd is now a successful hedge fund manager. He has met the woman of his dreams, Jamie (Leighton Meester), who turns out to be the woman of his nightmares, and they are about to be married in a lavish ceremony. Always adept James Caan plays the priest. Donny gets wind of the wedding and shows up unannounced with hopes of getting the $43,000 from his son who is now wealthy. But Todd wants nothing to do with his father and claims Donny is his brother. Vanilla Ice and Tony Orlando make brief appearances. Sandler likes to work with his friends. His wife is even in the film playing a masseuse.
There is a bachelor party the night before the wedding which never comes off. See the film if you care to find out why.
Otherwise watch Adam Sandler directed by James Brooks in Spanglish in which Sandler is actually charming and a delight. He needs a director like Brooks, not Sean Anders who directed this, to mind his comedy store because left alone with his raunchy taste buds, tasteless films like That's My Boy are breech born.

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