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Carole Mallory


Bravo For Step Up Revolution

Posted: 07/24/2012 4:21 pm

Move over Busby Berkley, Fred Astaire, Usher, the Mob is here and what a delight! Cutting edge flash dancers called the Mob dance in hip-hop-protest -- like-performance art and mount a real case for a non-celebrity, good musical with creative over the top dancing that is filmed in 3D.
Step Up Revolution works. This is not the Flash Dance of yesteryear, but at first glance it could give that impression. However the youth, the energy, the creativity in this movie make it a modern-day musical more reminiscent of the glorious musicals in the thirties, but with a trendy look and sound track that doesn't quit.
This film directed skillfully by Scott Speers and written by Adam Shankman, Jenny Mayer and Jennifer Gibgot does not need celebrity because it has the beat, a great sound track and a story that will warm hearts. Lots of technology and high style are a part of this movie thanks to the aces production department and the bang up art direction.
This is a visual and rhythmic treat for which Karsten Gopinath deserves special mention for cinematography.
Set against the backdrop of Miami that has never looked so good, from Biscayne Boulevard to Watson Island. Emily (Kathryn Mc Cormack) arrives here to be a professional dancer. (Oh please don't imitate Flash Dance, my heart cried) and then slowly I watched one, two, three examples of the Mob's flash dance and wanted more... Hooked by the rhythmhttp://malloryhollywoodeast.blogspot.com/, the energy, the beat. Emily quickly falls in love with Sean (Ryan Guzman) a hunk who leads a dance crew in cutting edge flash mobs called 'The Mob.'
There is a contest to see how many hits they get on YouTube and the winner will win a huge jackpot of cash. So far the Mob is winning in the contest, until something goes awry.
Emily's father is Mr.Anderson (Peter Gallagher) a real estate developer who wants to destroy the Mob's historic neighborhood.
Emily soon works with Sean and the Mob to turn their performance art into protest art. But their protest dance eliminates the dance troupe from the YouTube contest.
You have to watch the film if you can sit long enough in your seat to see what happens. This film will have you dancing in the aisles. Almost.
If you want a fun joyous time in a movie theater, see Step Up Revolution.


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