Saturday, October 6, 2012

FLASH, tale of a female flasher, on Kindle now

Book Description

 September 24, 2012
Meet Maya Endicott – an aspiring starlet with a beautiful face, lush body, and a deep, dark secret. She’s a female flasher, indulging her habit with stunned taxi drivers and speechless delivery men. Readers of Fifty Shades of Grey will blush reading Flash!

Reviews on Ms. Mallory’s Flash include:
"A torrid page-turner, a piquant summer treat…hilarious.” USA Today
“I'm not sure if Flash is the funniest dirty book I've ever read or the dirtiest funny book," Dominick Dunne
Maya Endicott is fast-mouthed, gutsy, and one of the few characters in this budding genre of recovery fiction (in which the protagonist invariable does time in rehab) who is as engaging sober as she was sick.
Mallory turns the screws on Hollywood in this deft, sophisticated read.” New York Daily News
“Flash is fast, smart, irresistible to read.” Gloria Steinem
“The raunchy, wicked tale of a beautiful female flasher…Mallory packs her story with down-and-dirty sexual details…Still, she gives us a buoyant, likeable heroine who grows – not just in spite of her sins, but because of them” Kirkus Reviews
“An erotic-comic tour de force…” Philadelphia Inquirer
“Not since Aphrodite was a teeny has there been a more joyous and just celebration of the wisdom of the loins. Flash should leave every red-blooded woman feeling delightfully ravished and every man motivated to action!” Terry Southern, author of Candy
“Wicked and funny and marvelously penetrating…we see a woman grow despite her sexual foibles, and yet because of them – the sort of feat that keep one alive.” Norman Mailer
"AMAZING ..This girl writes as good as she looks. Flash is funny, sexy ,brilliant," Rod Stewart
"Fuddy duddies who believe sex is finished will be talking about FLASH ...insiders say Flash will have asbestos covers. From a funny female point of view, Flash is being compared to Nabokov's Lolita and Terry Southern's Candy
"Great for a woman to write in such a sexually explicit way." Time Out

As Maya makes the rounds of Hollywood’s casting couches, she craves the touch of famous he-star flesh…but her consuming addiction is the forbidden gaze of anonymous strangers. From New York to Los Angeles to Paris, Maya whirls through wild fantasies, perverse desires and amorous delights. With her best friend, Z, she plots to win a starring role from a famous producer; to marry Jean-Paul, a millionaire Frenchman; and to enjoy her true passion, an aging King of Kink – all at the same time. But a crisis brings her fast dance to a jarring halt – as Maya begins a tough journey toward sobriety, maturity and a newfound self-esteem.

Never before has a woman written so honestly and outrageously about sex, and Hollywood’s double standards. Flash will leave you breathless, laughing, and rooting for one of fiction’s most endearing, uninhibited modern heroines.
Carole Mallory is an author, actress and critic who, as a supermodel graced the covers of Cosmopolitan, Esquire, Newsweek, GQ, Parade, and New York magazine. She has appeared in scores of TV commercials, on stage and in films, including roles Stepford Wives Looking for Mr. Goodbar. Today a journalist, she writes for The Huffington Post, Hollywood’s The Wrap and The Philadelphia Inquirer. Having lived in New York, Los Angeles and Paris herself, Ms. Mallory has widespread connections in the worlds of fashion and show business. She is an insider who shares – and bares – sizzling secrets in her fictional achievement -- Flash!

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