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Carole Mallory


The Host--.I Don't Think So.

Posted: 05/09/2005 3:00 am

And they all lived together happily forever. Ba humbug. Mediocrity in big budget super duper fan fare. An unseen enemy takes over bodies, erases memories and threatens mankind. Oh, please.. Hand me the catsup. William Hurt is wasted in a thankless role and Frances Fisher plays another disgruntled character. When are we going to see you smile, Frances?. And Hunger Games novelist,, Stephanie Meyer, what were you thinking? And Nick Wechsler you made a bundle producing Magic Mike ,so why were you wasting your money on this? Sure it has a beautiful cast. Great looking men. Acting uneven. Sets stifling. Andrew Niccol wrote the screenplay and directed this homage to the supernatural where love conquers all. Niccol kept control of the movie all right, but to no avail. 
Get me outta here! I kept thinking as more dead blue eyes appeared on the silver screen, YES, they were from another planet. Many other planets, but did I care? Not really. That's what was missing .. Caring.
The audience snickered in love scenes. Rightfully so. Max Irons was drop dead gorgeous and his acting was equally deadpan. Pity. He got your juices going but to where? The women were only three noteworthy. Saoirse Ronan stars as a wanderer whose body is taken by the seekers. You figure it out. Not much to figure. Fancy steely cars matching steely eyes and steely architecture. Diane Kruger is the head seeker out to kill off all humans, but Melanie/Wanda (Saoirse Ronan) is our heroine out to save the planet. Therein your plot lies. Yawns abound. At first I thought this was where Stepford Wives left off until I saw Diane Kruger as the femme fatale out to do in Melanie/Wanda. Whatever, The highlight of the film was William Hurt, but I couldn't help thinking how much did they have to pay him to do this film? There are so many human interest stories to make into films and Hollywood chooses this. This ain't no Hunger Games.

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