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Movie Review: 'Insurgent.' Women Power!

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Women crush it! How wonderful to have women leading the pack in an action flick. Shailene Woodley is refreshing as a woman warrior. Kate Winstlett is refreshingly evil and bad ass. Naomi Watts is stunning as a heroine . Theo James as Four is Shalene's guy but it is the women who run the show. This show is Insurgent. We have the Jason Bourne trilogy with Matt Damon, the Expendables series with Stallone. The Taken franchise with Liam Neeson and now we have Shailene Woodley in part two of the Divergent franchise who is getting to rough it up in a man's world. A woman taking risks. A woman in charge and representing values of love, respect, hope, faith and courage. Above all courage. Shailene Woodley knows how to generate this quality without saying a word. Her expressions are fierce, tender, focused and all caring. Selfless. This is a film about a woman with balls. Insurgent with its IMAx, 3D, special effects of a dysfunctional utopia and electrifying sound track will keep you spellbound. No bathroom breaks in this corker.
Cinderella this isn't. If you're looking for a colorful escape, this is not it. It is bleak, filmed in browns, greys and tattered and torn images. In your face.
Sure we have Jennifer Lawrence in the Hunger Games franchise and Angelina Jolie who was magnificent in Maleficent, and there is always Helen Mirren rearing her white,well-coiffed head as a brave new woman in Reds and her TV police woman saga, so Hollywood please keep these films comin' where women are empowered. And we sell tickets! A boffo one billion for Divergent worldwide!
The plot of this is simple. Tris (Shalene Woodley)is running from the evil Jeanine (Kate Winslet) who is trying to destroy most of the world, but Tris volunteers her beautiful bod and mind to Jeanine to experiment with, but you must see the film to watch this torture done in 3-d and Imax in an all too real special effects creation and understand why Tris has volunteered to be Jeanine's victim. Or is she?
More women warriors, please Hollywood? Raging hormones can match or even beat a box office driven by testosterone. Go for it, Insurgent that is, if you want to wake up on a dull night!

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